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Contract Laundry

We have one of the most successful contract laundry facilities available in the Cambridge area and are proud to service some very well known establishments.

Local businesses are finding that they want to outsource the cleaning of their laboratory's lab coats or their conference centre or function suite laundry. We are here to take the hassle from you and we'll even collect and deliver from your business. Our customers expect us to help them maintain their high standards - that's our job!

As we all strive for improving working conditions, demand for our contract laundry service is strong. We can deal with industrial and commercial workwear as well as bed linen (including towels) and table linen. We aim to make it all very convenient for you; deliveries are regular as clockwork – same time same place – every week.

Reinvestment in our capabilities is a high priority for us. We have up to date finishing equipment for commercial workwear, and a super four-lane ironer for your bed and table linen flatwork.

Maybe you have ‘shut-down’ or quiet periods when you can do a little spring cleaning or deal with the refurbishment of some facility. If you have that little project coming up, why not contact us? We may be able to make it easier for you, and if we can plan it in advance, one-off or annual projects can be very attractively priced!

Enquire by phone or email through our Contacts page to see how we can help.

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