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Workwear Rental

Look no further than Swiss Laundry for a company which is extremely conscious that the need for appropriate and fit for purpose work wear and hygiene is never compromised.


Look no further than Swiss for a company which is extremely conscious that the need for appropriate and fit for purpose work wear and hygiene is never compromised.

As all garments are barcoded and labelled we can tell customers how many times a garments has been washed and repaired during its life history providing an audit trail of due diligence.

Without doubt kitchens are hot places therefore we supply long sleeved jackets to protect your chefs from cuts, burns and splashes from boiling liquids whilst in the kitchen but most importantly your staff will feel comfortable while working in a warm kitchen environment.

Our dedicated Chefs wear team offers a range of garments to fit all shapes and sizes coupled to a delivery/collection systems designed to meet your demands.

To support the professional image of your establishment we also offer a range of kitchen porter garments, skullcaps, neckerchiefs and aprons.

We wash all our garments at laundry standard temperatures, which means that all your garments are clinically clean.

Personal Protection

To be able to perform tasks in hazardous work environments, you have to be able to rely on the protection levels of your garments for everyday working tasks. Like all protective equipment, protective garments should keep people safe and comfortable.

Full Rental Service

Includes a managed service that covers stock control, laundering, garment replacement and aftercare when necessary which also includes collection and delivery of garments to your premises. For extra convenience ask us about our on-site distribution and personal locker services.

Launder Only Service

For customers who already own their garments we can also provide the flexibility of a laundry only service.

We will barcode the garments for efficient stock control, collect soiled garments on a regular basis, launder them to the highest standards and return them to your premises.

Your valuable workers are an important asset to your company in creating your finished products. Focusing on their work is a prerequisite and leads to high quality output and efficiency.

Not all hazardous situations are noticed and can cause severe harm to your employees and your business. Ensuring your staff is protected to avoid serious injuries and still have a garment that is comfortable enough to allow you to work the whole day is a key combination. This can only be achieved by choosing the correct garments and maintaining this protection level by special re-treatment every time the garments are offered for laundering and repair. It must be a reassuring thought that your workers wear garments that are not only safe when brand new but also when used.

Our technical range includes flame retardant, chemical splash, molten metal, anti-static, paint shop and dust protection garments. All of which comply with the relevant safety legislations for your industry.

Embroidered Logo & Name Badging

Have your garments personalised with your company name, contact details, or even your logo.

For a more professional image, your company’s logo can be applied to most garments in the form of embroidery, heat seal badge or transfer badge. If required, in addition to your logo, you can also add the department, job title or name of individual wearers.

Embroidered badges

In a wide choice of colours including metallic, can be embroidered directly onto the garment or supplied on a fabric backing for easy removal and re-use. Our advanced machines can produce intricate stitch work in different colours for greater detail, with new technology making it now possible to embroider even on high visibility garments and waterproof jackets.

Heat Seal Badges

Plastic coated for extra protection, can be heat applied directly onto the garments, or onto a fabric backing which can be sewn on. These badges are ideal for food industry applications and garments intended for industrial laundering.

Dust Mats

Our range of standard mats ensures that dirt and moisture are kept out of your premises.

Research has shown that most of the dust and dirt in a building is brought in by pedestrian traffic and our standard mat provides an effective barrier against that type of floor contamination, stopping it literally at the door and minimising the hazard of slippery floors.

Standard mats are specially designed to pick up dirt and moisture in heavy traffic areas and buildings where a high level of cleanliness is critical. Because they can withstand washing at high temperatures, they are also a perfect solution for industrial applications where heavy soiling can occur.

Logo Dust Mats

Personalised logo mats are made specifically to incorporate your logo, marketing message or any other company message you wish.

There are no limits to your design creativity to enable us to produce your very own entrance mat to profile your company in a new exciting way with detailed designs, complex patterns and logos that can be reproduced with excellent definition and clarity.

Logo mats help enhance the image of your company and at the same time protect your floors against the damaging effects of dirt, grit and dust. Performance and durability combined together with a unique personalised design that ensures a visually attractive entrance.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Employees standing up all day in areas like check-out stations, service counters, assembly lines or behind bars need physical support to keep motivation and energy.

The anti-fatigue mat concept is specially designed for safety, comfort and protection in areas where people stand for prolonged periods.

This innovative mat has unique cushion and ergonomic properties which reduce fatigue and noise. The Anti-fatigue mat is water repellent and stays firmly in place and with anti-static properties and superb oil and solvent resistance, it is also ideal for use as an anti-slip mat in industrial areas.

Cabinet Roller Towels

Cabinet Roller Towels are specifically designed for hygiene, comfort and cleanliness in the workplace, being a low maintenance and convenient hand drying method where the used towel is kept separately from the clean towel, providing a fresh portion for each user and prevents possible cross contamination.

Our Roller Towels Cabinets are robust machines that are durable and designed to withstand heavy usage.

A typical Roller Towel provides around 200 portions of towel. The cotton towels are both strong absorbent, and with no waste unlike paper and has no electrical requirement so is definitely an economical and environmentally friendly option.

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